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Panama Canal

I've been tagged...

Good Morning,

I'll be sharing some fun pics and news from my Panama Canal but first I have to finish my Income Tax...yikes!

In the meantime, I've been tagged by my good friend Eleonor (well she was my friend until I was tagged...LOL)....I have to write 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 people who have blogs.

Here goes...7 random things about me.

1.  I like to watch all sports on television and live vicariously through these athletes..LOL  I really love Baseball and my favourite team is Toronto Blue Jays followed closely by the Boston Red Soxs.

2.  I HATE cheese - all kinds except Mozarella on pizza and parmessan on salad.  Can't stand the smell, texture, taste....Wierd but true.

3.  I LOVE chocolate but who doesn't - I wouldn't trust someone who didn't eat chocolate.

4.  I seem to gain 4 lbs per cruise - I've been on 4 cruises so you can do the math. LOL

5.  I love bread - all kinds - with butter if possible.  I'd rather have bread than anything...even chocolate - refer to random fact #3.

6.  I can read upside down...printing or writing.  It is a skill that has served me well in the past - I can read something that's in front of someone when I'm on the opposite side of the table...it's helped me in business meetings. :)

7. I'm terrified of heights - don't even like a ladder, stepping stools aren't too bad but even a chair makes me fret...and jumping up on a counter?  Forget about it!

So now I tag Nancy, Caroline, Tracy, Debbie, Liane & Elaine...sorry, only 6 as everyone else I know has been tagged. :)

Happy Stamping,


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